Located in Liège, Gembloux and Arlon, at the heart of Europe in Belgium, ULiège combines a strong territorial base with solid collaborations with hundreds of renowned international institutions.

With over 2,500 professors, researchers, doctoral students and technicians involved in research, it pursues high-quality research and is internationally recognized in all scientific fields.

The RISE (Research, Innovation, Support and Enterprise) department facilitates companies' access to the University's research skills and facilities, in all scientific disciplines, and offers them a service to support business-research collaboration right through to the completion of an innovation project. To encourage the emergence of project ideas between companies and researchers, RISE creates a genuine dynamic for exchanges between the academic world, socio-economic players and civil society, promoting interdisciplinarity. It offers a permanent program of meetings and conferences, providing opportunities to make contact with potential partners, get to know each other and generate ideas for innovation projects.


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Themes and areas of research  

From space to human migration, including biomedical sciences, animal health, agri-food and the environment, ULiège develops and promotes cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research.

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Equipment and Platforms  

Equipped with the latest technologies, our research units collaborate and share their knowledge around the world.

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Request for expertise  

RISE helps you to identify the skills and equipment best suited to your needs, and informs you of possible Business-Research collaborations to bring your project to fruition.

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Access to our network  

To broaden access to the complementary skills of our partners, ULiège is involved in regional and international research, innovation and creativity networks.





ULiège's research strengths

As a public university open to the world and rooted in the scientific, cultural and economic development of its region, the University of Liège offers everything you need to excel in Research and Innovation:

  • Excellence: Anchored in networks of excellence and committed to the HRS4R charter, the Université de Liège develops and promotes cutting-edge, international, multidisciplinary research that is directly linked to its teaching. As a leader in several fields of research, you will work alongside renowned researchers, stimulating your creativity.
  • Ethics and scientific integrity: ULiège promotes quality research conducted by responsible researchers. It encourages ethical practices and principles in the various research disciplines, as well as the standards underpinned by the various national, sectoral or institutional codes of ethics. These practices and principles have been reaffirmed through its commitment, its signature of the DORA declaration and the CoARA agreement, and its "HR Excellence in Research" label in research human resources management, recognized by the European Union.
  • Open Access: ULIège has played a pioneering role in open access to scientific publications. With almost 210,000 open access publications, it is now one of Europe's largest academic libraries. It is also working towards models that facilitate Open Data and Open Innovation.
  • Internationally renowned research centers: From space to human migration, biomedical sciences, animal health, agri-food and the environment, ULiège's research centers are leaders in their fields. Equipped with the latest technologies, they collaborate and share their knowledge throughout the world.
  • Collaborations Company-Research : Benefit from the support of our teams to facilitate access to research expertise and help you turn your innovation projects into reality.
  • Collaborative environment: At ULiège, interdisciplinarity is encouraged, broadening your horizons. Numerous tools are in place to stimulate your research and collaborate with a wide range of potential partners: researchers at the University and also with other universities, companies and socio-economic players in the broadest sense.
  • International network: ULiège maintains worldwide partnerships, offering mobility and openness to new ideas.

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RISE (Research, Innovation, Support & Enterprises)

Would you like to collaborate with one of ULiège's research teams?

Contact one of our Knowledge Transfer officers in the RISE department's Research Support unit. The team will guide you towards the most appropriate skills and equipment for your innovation needs, and inform you about possible business-research collaborations to bring your project to fruition. 


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