The University of Liege formally committed with the principles of the European Charter and Code of conduct for the recruitment of the researchers and developed an HR strategy strongly embedded in the institutional strategic plan for providing and supporting a stimulating and favorable working environment for researchers.  In 2011, ULiège received the award "HR excellence in research" from the EU Commission.

hr excellence

What has happened since ULiege was awarded HRS4R in 2011?

HRS4R cycles 

Process implementation

A steering committee is driving the implementation.  The members are authorities of the universities, researchers and administrative staff from different horizons:

  • President : Anne-Sophie Nyssen, Vice-rector ffor Education and Well being
  • Academic Staff : Grégory Cormann (Human and Social Sciences), Frank Delvigne (Sciences and Technology), Véronique Delcenserie (Health Sciences)
  • Researchers' representatives : Tjhomas Desaive (CCS, Scientific staff association), Gilles Lepoint (CC-FNRS, FNRS researchers contact committee), Klara Weck and Gilles Degotte (ReD, Doctoral candidates association)
  • Administrative staff : Anne Girin (Administrator), Monique Marcourt (General Director), Isabelle Halleux (R&I), Linda Agro (ARH), Catherine Vandeleene (SMAQ), Brigitte Ernst (Euraxess Mobility Centre, Secretary of the steering committee)
  • Experts can be invited


2017-2020 : Cycle 3 - Strenghtened HRS4R and Action Plan

Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment of researchers

ULiege is aware to open its positions according to the international Research Performing University standards.  This ensures that the best person for the job is recruited, guarantees equal opportunities and access for all.  facilitates developing international portfolio (cooperation, competition, mobility) and makes research careers more attractive.

Read about Uliège otm-r POLICY

2015-2018 : Cycle 2 - HRS4R and Action Plan

2011-2015 - Cycle 1 - HRS4R and Action Plan

Dissemination - Exchange of good practices

  • Participation in international projects dealing with HRS4R and development of career (Minerva, Re@WBC, Impacte, UNISALLL, TOPx)
Research Administration

Direction R&D - Isabelle HALLEUX

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