Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

38 Catalogue des formations transversales 2023-2024 Acquired skills To acquire a better awareness and management of stress in order to carry out one's thesis in the most zen and efficient climate possible. ZEN-THESIS: I MANAGE THE STRESS OF THE PHD Description On the programme: o Decoding stress in general... o ... and in particular during the PhD and in the environment in which each doctoral student is integrated o Acting on stress: with stress management techniques leading to greater well-being during the thesis: relaxing breathing, managing one's emotions and needs, learning to switch from automatic mode to adaptive mode... In short, how to manage the difficulties linked to stress to consider it as a resource. Objectives The research world can be under great pressure and doctoral students are often on the front line. The literature is quite eloquent on this subject. However, the thesis process is also a space of freedom and creativity where it is possible to develop intensely. The aim of this workshop is to help PhD candidates to avoid becoming victims of stress. Stress can also become a resource, acting as a signal, opening the way to more serenity. Speaker To be confirmed Administration Research, Innovation, Support and Entreprises (RISE) – ULiège Target audience o Target group : R1, PhD students all scientific fields o Prerequisite : English Language – B2 Practical information o Reference : UDOC0015 o Duration : 2x3h hours o Dates : 2nd semestre o Training location : Sart Tilman o Language : English o Maximum number of participants : 20