Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

123 THEMATIC DISCIPLINARY TRAINING Minimum 15 credits Courses and seminars organized in the framework of one or several F.R.S - FNRS Thematic Doctoral School(s) or accepted by the Doctoral College: - One-day seminar (passive attendance) 1 credit/day - Specialized course 1 to 5 credits* *To be determined - depending on the duration (1 credit/day) and/or the evaluation process if one exists GENERIC SKILLS TRAINING Minimum 10 credits • Missions abroad (min. 2 weeks) 5 to10 credits all in all • Training session related to the research profession or encouraging post-thesis thinking 1 credit / day Examples: - From skills assessment to professional project; Project management for PhD candidate; - Statistics; - Intellectual property, creation of spin-offs, etc. • Outreach communication: Example: - Participation to « Ma thèse en 180 secondes/My thesis in 180 seconds », to a doc’café, to the Printemps des sciences… 2 to 3 credits* • Active involvement within the Phd Candidates Network (RED) 2 to 5 credits* • Organization of a scientific event (symposium, etc.) 3 to 5 credits* • Didactic support: - Supervision of undergraduate thesis ; - Practical works (Master's degree level), etc. Max 6 credits all in all • … *To be determined - depending on the duration (1 credit/day) and/or the importance of the PhD candidate's involvement. SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTION Minimum 25 credits Examples: • At least one article published in an international journal with reading committee* 5 to 10 credits/ article** * If the reading committee's decision is still awaited, the Doctoral College will evaluate if the article is publishable. ** Depending of the nature of the publication, the role of sole author or co-author • Active participation to minimum two international meetings which at least one outside Belgium: scientific poster or oral communication 3 to 5 credits / congress • At least three conferences or presentations in front of a specialized audience (PhD candidates' day, Department seminar, etc.) with the exception of presentation in front of the thesis committee and the thesis defense. 3 credits/conf. • Patent application 4 to 10 credits