Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

122 FRAMEWORK FOR DOCTORAL TRAINING The University Council for Doctoral Training and the Doctorate Since the introduction of the Décret Paysage, doctoral training has been an obligatory part of the PhD studies. A default number of 60 educational credits has been awarded to it. The Doctoral College, to which the PhD candidate belongs, establishes the doctoral training program and determines the candidate’s progress and success in obtaining the expected credits for it. The doctoral training program has three main objectives: - To confer specialized skills related to the candidate’s research area (Thematic Disciplinary Training). - To improve the future employability of the PhD candidate (Generic Skills Training). - To disseminate relevant research results via science communication (Scientific Production) It cannot consist of more than 50% of regularly taught courses. Postgraduate courses are organized by one or several Graduate School(s) (F.R.S - FNRS Thematic Doctoral School). It is up to the Doctoral College to examine the relevance of training program(s) that are organized in another context (International Doctoral Schools, etc.). The Doctoral College may decide to acknowledge a maximum of 30 credits that the holder of a Research dedicated Master’s degree previously earned under the condition that the doctoral training program covers identical training activities. This document is based on the lowest common denominator among all Doctoral Colleges. Every College specifies its own framework in relation to its research area and makes it available to the PhD candidates. The credits are awarded on a default basis. Therefore, the details of credits no longer appear on the Research training certificate. However, in myULiège, credits registration is still necessary in order to enable the Doctoral College to check that the total of 60 credits has been reached. Obviously, the content of doctoral education is more important than the detailed computation of the numbers of credits.