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HEC Research - PRISME

Research at HEC Liège is coordinated by PRISME, the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Management and Economic Sciences. It revolves around 6 Points of excellence, specific research areas for which HEC boasts internationally recognised expertise, and 2 emerging areas which are following the changes of society. Areas of excellence are closely related to research centres that bring together researchers, PhD students and post-docs and chairs that establish a strong link between research, education and business.



The Montefiore Institute is the electricity, electronics and IT department of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Liège. It is active in a range of basic and applied research topics in various fields: information and communication technologies, computer science, electronics, power systems and mathematical applications.

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The research activities of the Urban and Environmental Engineering Research Unit are all related to urban and environmental engineering. They are structured around 4 interrelated axes, based on a dynamic understanding of the urban environment. These 4 axes are transversal to the department and to the different sectors that make it up: Design of buildings, structures and transport networks, Materials and effective management of resources, Risk and environmental engineering, human activities and built environment.

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