Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

87 Catalogue des formations transversales 2023-2024 Developed skills Learn how to effectively present your research in English with confidence and professionalism. IMPROVING YOUR PRESENTATION SKILLS Goals o Make critical choices regarding the focus and scope of a presentation; o Improve one’s slideshow-making approach; o Develop stronger conclusions and introductions; o Develop key delivery skills (presenting style); o Apply strategies for a more dynamic presentation; o Avoid common language mistakes. Description Presenting research in public effectively and confidently in a second language can lead to establishing a wider network of potential collaborators and better recognition within the community, but without strong public speaking skills, even the best ideas remain stuck at the starting gate. This course is designed for PhD students to help them effectively convey their message, engage their audience, and avoid common pitfalls. This course is interactive and participants are requested to bring some of their own presentation slides to the session for group work. Speaker Clara BRERETON ESP Language Lecturer at the ISLV Target audience o R1-R2 : all researchers and PhD Candidates, all fields o Prerequisite : A good grasp of the English Language Practical informations o Reference : UDOC0096-1 o Duration: 3 hours o Location : Sart Tilman o Language : English o Number of participants : 20