Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

62 Catalogue des formations transversales 2023-2024 Acquired skills This training will enable participants to understand the potentiality of IP-databases, more particularly patent-databases, and how to find information with added-value that could be integrated into their research project. TOWARDS INNOVATION, SEARCH INTO PATENT DATABASES Objective The goal of this training is to inform participants in an interactive way about : o Intellectual property (IP)–databases, focused on patent-databases ; o Scientific and strategic information that are available in these databases, focused on patent-databases Description The seminar will discuss the following topics: o Patent, as a source of information: • Structure of a patent • Analysis of patent information (State-of-the-Art, Freedom to operate) • How to conduct a search into publicly accessible patent databases? o IP databases, as a source of information: IP landscaping, technological watch This participative seminar will explore practical examples with participants to integrate the concepts more easily. Speaker Benoit VAN DRIESSCHE Patent advisor réseau LiEU Target audience o R1-R3 - PhD candidates and PhD holders of all disciplines o Prerequisite : to have previously followed module A2-VALO1 “Towards innovation, introduction to intellectual property” o It is recommended that participants bring their lap-top Practical information o Code : UDOC0048 o Duration : 3h o Location : ULiège Interface Entreprises o Maximum number of participants: 20 o Language : English