Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

115 Catalogue des formations transversales 2023-2024 SUPERVISION DOCTORAL STUDIES (DO IT AT YOUR OWN PACE) Objectives Developed by Epigeum in collaboration with professors and partner institutions, this program aims to : • Give PhD supervisors a better understanding of the doctoral context and a greater awareness of the challenges of supervision, • Help them reflect critically on best practices in supervision, • Provide them with the tools they need to guide their doctoral students towards an academic or non-academic professional project in line with their aspirations, in view of the changing job market, • Guarantee the best possible environment for doctoral students by supporting high-quality supervision and increasing success rates (avoiding dropouts) Description After a diagnostic test, each promoter can personalize his or her training path by choosing the modules most relevant to his or her needs, or take the whole course. 9 modules (30-60 minutes) in English, to be followed at your own pace: 1. Introduction: The Doctoral Context 2. Attracting and Selecting Doctoral Applicants 3. Research Cultures and Environments 4. Managing Expectations, Responsibilities and Relationships Planning and Conducting Research 5. Developing the Researcher and Enabling Progress 6. Doctoral Writing and Effective Feedback 7. Supporting your Candidate 8. Preparing for Completion and Examination 9. Developing your Supervisory Practice Coordination Thérèse Dupont Administration Research, Innovation, Support and Entreprises (RISE) Target audience o PhD supervisors from all faculties and discipline, independent researchers – R2, R3 and R3 European research profiles Practical information o Reference: UDOC0108-1 o Duration: do it at your own pace o More information