Welcome to Liège ! The University of Liège, committed to the Euraxess initiative since 2006, provides a service to researchers wishing to join the ULiège but also to researchers wishing to organize a stay abroad.


Welcome to Liège !

Every year, the University of Liège welcomes many foreign researchers. Fostering mobility, the Euraxess initiative offers a range of services to help the researchers in their efforts.


ince 2006, Liège has been involved in the pan-European Euraxess - Researchers in motion initiative to provide a free service to mobility researchers to help them plan and organise their stay abroad and develop their careers.

It is aimed both at researchers arriving at ULiège (IN mobility), at researchers from Liège who wish to temporarily carry out their research abroad (OUT mobility), as well as at academic and scientific staff members. ULiège wishing to host a foreign researcher.

A welcome guide for international researchers will give them practical information on the existence of various services they may need during their stay:

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Research stay for visiting researchers

This status is intended for visiting researchers, post-docs or young graduates wishing to stay in our institution.
It is usually granted at the request of a ULiège referent for a foreign researcher.

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Vademecum was designed to clarify and formalize the procedures for hosting professors, researchers or foreign students in practical training, specialization internship or research stay at the University of Liège.

Undergraduate or graduate students are invited to consult the pages intended for them.

PhD students from a foreign university will find specific information on the Foreign PhD candidates and interns page.

The Euraxess Centre at ULiège is part of the 500 international Euraxess centers network located in 40 countries and the Belgian network of Euraxess Centres. The EURAXESS Belgium website also contains a lot of useful information about the daily life and status of researchers in Belgium and Wallonia.

At the Euraxess Center of ULiège, a personalised and professional welcome awaits you. Remember to make an appointment.


Research and Innovation Administration - EURAXESS Mobility Centre

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Place du 20-Août 7 - bât. A1

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