Perhaps you want to further explore the research you studied in your Master’s thesis; perhaps a professor encouraged you to do so; or perhaps you know your passion can contribute to an important societal need. Whatever your motivation, here are the next steps to start serenely a PhD at the ULiège.

A PhD… is it for me?

This booklet will answer the ten questions most frequently asked by students who are considering pursuing a PhD whatever their motivations.  Among them: the choice of a research topic and a supervisor, the resources persons, the status of PhD-candidates and job openings for PhD.

“A PhD… is it for me?” is also a seminar for Master’s students willing to explore the world of doctoral programmes. You will hear from a panel of supervisors and PhD candidates and learn about current doctoral projects. More information can be requested at

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Prepare your doctoral project

Participating in a Preparatory PhD Project certificate (CUPPD) – a three month session hosted in the fall (French session) and the spring (English session) – will allow you to develop the foundations for a good career in research. You’ll explore which tools exist and when to use them. You’ll learn how to ask a pertinent research question and how to write a project so that you can prepare a strong presentation for your jury defence. At each step along the way, you’ll be supported by a team of experienced administrators, faculty members and research units.

For candidates already enrolled in their thesis, a similar program is offered, entitled Consolidation du Projet Doctoral (CPD), which takes place on the same dates and leads to a certificate of completion issued by ULiege - RISE (Research, Innovation, Support & Enterprises). Only candidates enrolled in their first year of doctoral studies who have not yet had their first Thesis Committee meeting (for the duration of the program) will be accepted. Sponsor support is essential

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Register to a PhD Programme and start your doctorate

You are eligible to apply for a doctoral programme? You have been accepted by an institutional supervisor?  To formalise the beginning of your doctorate, you still have to validate your project with the Doctoral College and register for the PhD programme. Then you will have to take simultaneously two registrations: one to the doctoral training programme and the other, to the doctorate. You only pay the fee once. There is no fee for the candidates who also are member of the ULiege staff (cf. The Decree « landscape » of 7 November 2013).

The doctorate officially starts after the registration: alternately activities of training and research (including publication and scientific communication) and the writing of the thesis, leading to the last step: the defence.

Feeling like an international path? Think of a joint doctoral thesis.

A 3 day seminar to start your PhD

If you are already a doctoral candidate, you can participate in the « Let’s start a PhD » seminar. This programme explores each stage of the doctoral programme and offers an in-depth look at the structure, resources, mobility opportunities and key people that will help you successfully complete your PhD. You will build up your confidence as you develop a high quality research project.
This three day seminar offered in October and in January will also allow you to meet other PhD candidates and build up your professional and academic networks.


Let's start a PhD !

Every new PhD candidate has questions about what is coming ahead. To better accompagny them, ULiege - RISE (Research, Innovation, Support & Enterprises) has set different actions and activities among which the "Let's start a PhD" seminar.

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