In order to be able to apply to start a PhD, some prerequisites exist:

  • Make sure you have the required titles and therefore inquire about the terms of admission and enrolment to the PhD.
  • Contact(s):
  • Propose a well thought-out and planned research topic. The theme of the research can be proposed by the doctoral student themselves, who can request that a professor or seasoned PhD supervise them in this work and become their thesis supervisor. Most of the time, however, research themes are proposed by the thesis supervisor, who integrates them into the research carried out in their research unit. In any case, the very in-depth relationship between a doctoral student and their thesis topic will need to be creative!
  • Have confirmation that a professor or a senior researcher at ULiège agrees to accompany you throughout your PhD.
  • In addition to these mandatory conditions, discussing the issue of funding (for the researcher, but also for costs tied to the research) with your future sponsor is also essential -- and this, before starting.
  • A checklist is proposed for this purpose. Perhaps you envisage opportunities via an international doctoral network? It is with your potential/future sponsor that these issues should be raised.

Thinking about a doctoral project

  • Participate in a "Dare the doctorate" seminar: Masters students at ULiège can register for a half-day seminar on the question.
  • Prepare your doctoral project in 3 months with the help of a ULiège researcher: Too many critical questions remain unanswered? Is the PhD adventure for you? What skills are necessary to complete this project on time? Is this career choice appropriate? To help those who wish to start their PhD, ULiège offers a 3-month training programme in either English or French, the Certificate in doctoral project preparation : all the tools needed to get started while supervised.
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