The University of Liège proposes a wide training offer: 80 free training, in French and in English, organized in Liège and in Gembloux, mostly taught by ULiège’s professionals. It aims to support researchers to develop their skills and boost their scientific career. Discover its 7 training topics via our overview offer and see below the practical information’s (registration, participation certificate, FAQ…).

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raining sessions are organised for researchers and doctoral students, with mechanisms adapted to the needs of the participants: courses, e-learning, round table discussions, best practices exchange seminars, scheduling in line with professional requirements. The content is defined in collaboration with the researchers and rendered consistent with the experience of the candidates. The training programmes can give rise to a recommendation for the validation of ECTS credits.

7 axes of training

Discover its 7 training themes via our overview offer and see below the practical information’s (registration, participation certificate, FAQ…).

Training locations:
[ST] – Sart Tilman
[Centre] – Inner City

[GBx] – Gembloux
[CHU] – C.H.U. Sart Tilman

iconeAttention The catalog is being updated; it is temporarily inaccessible. All available trainings are listed below.


AXE 1 : Start your research

Registration deadline
no session in English for this axe during the second semester

AXE 2 : Develop your research

Registration deadline

27-01_30-01-2020 Multivariate statistics (SDOC0030-1)
[ST] | R1 | All disciplines


10-03-2020 Towards innovation 1 : Protection and transfer of technology
[GBx] | R1, R2, R3 | All disciplines


10-03-2020 Towards innovation 2 : Search into patent databases
[GBx] | R1, R2, R3 | All disciplines


11-03-2020 Towards innovation 2 : Introduction to intellectual property
[ITF] | R1, R2, R3 | All disciplines


17-03-2020 Towards innovation 1 : Introduction to valorization of results
[ITF] | R1, R2, R3 | All disciplines


24-03-2020 Towards innovation 4 : Search into patent databases
[ITF] | R1, R2, R3 | All disciplines


25-03-2020 Towards innovation 3 : Invention and patentability
[ITF] | R1, R2, R3 | All disciplines


06 -> 09-04-2020 Scientific writing and publishing
[ST] | R1, R2 | All disciplines

AXE 3 : Keeping your professional project in mind

Registration deadline
03 & 04-03-2020 Define your career path
[Center] | R1, R2 | All disciplines
08-05-2020 Entrepreneurial researchers and creation of spin-off

[ITF] | R1 -> R4 | All disciplines


AXE 4 : Communicate and disseminate your research

Registration deadline

13-02-2020 Communicate with the media and the public (theory)
[ST] | R1 -> R4 | All disciplines


13-02-2020 Workshop : Write your press release
[ST]| R1 -> R3 | All disciplines


13-02-2020 Digital dissemination and personal branding for researchers
[...] | R1 -> R4 | All disciplines


Les 14, 21 et 28-02-2020 Convaincre en 3 minutes (Live)
[Centre] | R1 | Toutes disciplines -
the exercises can be done in English


28-02-2020 Copy of From international mix-ups to effective intercultural communication
[ST] | R1 | All disciplines



AXE 5 : Ethics and quality in research

Registration deadline
04-02-2020 Ethics and quality in research
[ST] | R1, R2 | All disciplines
[to be defined] Workshop Research, Ethics & Society
[...] | R0 to R4 | All disciplines

AXE 6 : Open science

Registration deadline
no session in English for this axe during the second semester


AXE 7 : Leadership in Research

Registration deadline

07->08-01-2020 (Restricted access link)
[...] R2, R3, R4 | All disciplines



  Online registration


In practice

For who?

Our training sessions are freely accessible to all ULiège researchers, whether on fixed-term contracts or permanent positions. To ensure a flawless organization, it is nevertheless essential to register.

To ease the navigation within our catalogue and to help you establish your training programme, the target audience refers to the European Commission Research profiles descriptors.

  • R0 – Futur/starting PhD Candidate
  • R1 – First Stage Researcher (Up to the point of PhD)
  • R2 – Recognised Researcher (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent)
  • R3 – Established Researcher (Researchers who have developed a level of independence)
  • R4 – Leading Researcher (Researchers leading their research area or field)

You are a doctoral candidate

As part of your doctoral training, you have the opportunity to value ten credits by performing cross-training activities: coaching Master thesis or (learning) assignments, staying abroad/visiting another research institution, attending seminars... As a reminder, the framework for doctoral training at ULiège.

For additional information (about credits, attendance certificate,...) check out the frequently asked questions section.

Registration and convocation

You can register at anytime to the available trainings via the online form. If a training does not appear in the form, it means either that there is a specific registration procedure (check the training page) or that it is "sold out". The number of places being limited, don't hesitate to send us an email to be on the waiting list :

Consider your are registered and book your agenda. At the end of registration process, you will receive an confirmation email providing all the necessary information.

If, for any reason, you are unable to attend a training session, we ask you to notify us as quickly as possible. We will contact another applicant to replace you. Unjustified repeated absentees will be discarded from the program and cannot participate in any further future applications.

Participation certificate and evaluation form

After the training session, you will receive an evaluation form by email that we ask you to send it back to us as soon as possible. It’s a condition to receive your certificate of participation delivered by the Doctoral Council. Furthermore your feedback will help us to improve our training offer and better meet your needs.


Other trainings for ULiège staff

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