Is the Professional Skills for Research Leaders programme for you ? If you’re an early-career academic or postdoctoral researcher looking to establish yourself as a leader in your field, increase funding for your research and develop your research team, invest in your future with the PSRL seminar.



esigned to help researchers enhance their leadership, management and impact, the Professional Skills for Research Leaders (PSRL) programme will enable you to identify a broad range of strategies and skills to establish yourself as a research leader.

Together with other researchers, you will explore relevant themes such as recruiting, hiring and managing a research team, communication and publications, maximizing budgets and producing successful grant applications.

Interactive and engaging in-person activities compliment the online course modules to provide a rich learning experience.

The programme features :

5 online courses

  • Developing and consolidating your research career
  • Funding your research
  • Managing a research team
  • Research collaboration
  • Communicating your research

Personal portfolio developed through the online course.

6 Workshops which include case studies, interactive activities, exchange of best practices and networking opportunities with experts and research peers.

Target Audience

This programme is designed for independent postdoctoral researchers and early-career academics. PhDs must have been obtained no later than 2020.

Maximum : 12 participants (min. 6)

Organization and schedule

Workshops are held monthly on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am-13:00 pm beginning Thursday 12 October, 2023 through March 26th 2023 (12/10, 21/11, 14/12, 11/01, 22/02, 26/03).

  • Workshop 1: Introduction to Professional Skills for Research Leaders
  • Workshop 2: Developing & Consolidating your Research Career
  • Workshop 3: Developing your research funding plan & grant writing
  • Workshop 4: Managing & hiring a Research Team
  • Workshop 5: Research Collaboration
  • Workshop 6: Communicating your Research
  • Wrap up session and celebration



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For more information on Professional Skills for Research Leaders

Session are taking place at the PhD House (B8), Schedule : 10.00 to 13.00

  • Session I (Career planning for research leaders): 12/10/2023, Thursday;
  • Session II (Developing your research leader profile): 21/11/2023, Tuesday;
  • Session III (Funding your research): 14/12/2023, Thursday;
  • Session IV (Managing your research team): 11/01/2024, Thursday;
  • Session V (Importance of collaboration): 22/02/2024, Thursday;
  • Session VI (Science communication for research leaders): 26/3/2024, Tuesday.

For more info, please contact

Research Office - Softskills training

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