The European Research Council has made available over 2 billion euros to fund cutting edge research each year. The University of Liège is committed to supporting internal and international candidates who wish to submit a research project for funding.

ERC Large

The details…

The European Research Council offers 5 types of grants which allow a researcher, based on the stage of their scientific career, to build or consolidate a team to develop high quality frontier research.

  • ERC Starting Grants aim to support young researchers with 2-7 years of experience after their PhD.
  • ERC Consolidator Grants aim to support recognized researchers with 7-12 years of experience after their PhD.
  • ERC Advanced Grants aim to support established researchers who are leaders in their field. Recipients should have carried out advanced projects and conducted significant scientific achievements over the past ten years of their research career.
  • ERC Synergy Grants allow Lead researchers (2-4 PIs) to work together on unprecedented interdisciplinary research that would not be possible without this collaboration and synergism.
  • ERC Proof of Concept Grants are open to former ERC grantees with the aim of promoting the results of their research and highlighting the innovation potential of their new discoveries.

Addition information on the ERC programme :

Meet our ERC grantees

ERC Calendar calls

Calendar of 2019-2010 calls for proposals

ULiège Resources and incentives for researchers

The University of Liège has designated support and resources available for ERC applicants who would like to develop their project at ULiège.

General information on the ERC programme

  • Assistance  in understanding the philosophy and content of the calls through information sessions and workshops.
  • Dissemination of specific information on research and the research environment as well as supports and incentives available at ULiege.
  • Connection of applicants to past ERC award winners.
  • Individual support : CV analysis and evaluation of actual potential of submission, questions and concerns after researchers have revised the official call pages.

Application resources

  • Research support (information, meetings, support) from the ULiège ERC Sectorial Commission which consists of laureates, panel members and remote evaluators from the ERC.
  • Administrative support for questions related to ethics, data management plan, budget, Host Institution Commitment letters and submission grants from FRS-FNRS.
  • Additional funding up to EUR 5,000 to finance a specific external service: external mentor for specific phases of application (concept development, project writing,  interview preparation), specialised consultation services or translation.
  • Interview preparation (mock interview workshops and coaching).

Laureate resources

  • For permanent academic and scientific personnel at the University of Liège:
    •  Research budget equal to the overheads  (70% awarded to the laureate and 30% for the research unit to which they are assigned)
  • For non permanent ULIege researchers and external candidates:
    • Laureate’s salary equal to the overheads, allowing the candidate to take full advantage of the ERC budget for the purpose of research development. Additional funds available through ULiège opportunity budgets, as needed.
    • Explore the possibility of a permanent contract at the end of, or during the ERC funding period.


According of the status of  ‘Research Professor’, with the same management rights and duties as ULiege academics, for the duration of the ERC funding.

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