In order to assist our researchers in applying for an ERC grant,  the University of Liège has designated support and resources for ERC applicants who would like to develop their project at ULiège.

General information on the ERC programme

  • Assistance  in understanding the philosophy and content of the calls through information sessions and workshops.
  • Dissemination of specific information on research and the research environment as well as supports and incentives available at ULiege.
  • Liaison to ULiège ERC grantees.
  • Individual support : Advice on applicant eligibility based on ERC guidelines; Assessment of competitiveness of applicant's CV and research project idea.

Application resources

  • PI profile and project maturity analysis
  • Project conceptualization meetings
  • Scientific support (information, meetings, support) by setting up a peer committee
  • Administrative support for transversal aspects of the proposal (ethics, data management plan) and the preparation of the budget. Support for Host Institution Commitment letters.
  • Interview preparation (mock interview workshops and coaching).

Financial support for candidates

Up to €5,000 per ERC Starting Grant or ERC Consolidator Grant application, and up to €20,000 per ERC Advanced Grant or ERC Synergy Grant application. 

This envelope is made available on the basis of an application file, containing the candidate's detailed CV, a summary of the envisaged project and a schedule for the preparation of the proposal, which will be validated by RISE (

Eligible costs :

  • ERC proposal training workshops
  • Use of a consulting firm or external ERC expert
  • Organization of conceptualization meetings at ULiège: travel and accommodation expenses for invited experts, catering costs.
  • Scientific illustrations
  • Translation / English Editing
  • Step 2/Step 3 interview preparation:
    • Use of a consulting firm or external ERC expert
    • Organization of a "mock interview" at ULiège: travel and accommodation costs for invited experts, catering/restaurant costs
    • Scientific illustrations for the presentation
    • English language coaching
  • (For Synergy Grants) Preparatory meetings between PIs: travel and accommodation expenses (including catering) for ULiège candidate
  • (For Advanced and Synergy Grants) Personnel costs to enable the candidate to be released in whole or in part 
    from his/her teaching/research load during the writing process and/or to contribute to the writing of the project.

Laureate resources

  • For permanent academic and scientific personnel at the University of Liège:
    •  Research budget equal to the overheads  (70% awarded to the laureate and 30% for the research unit to which they are assigned) (*)
  • For non permanent ULIege researchers and external candidates:
    • Grantee’s salary during the whole duration of the ERC porject, allowing the candidate to take full advantage of the ERC budget for the purpose of research development.
    • Title of "Research Professor"(**) for the duration of the funding. 
    • Evaluation of the possibility of a permanent position before the end of the ERC funding period.
    • Research budget equal to the overheads (PFG) (*) to the ERC winner to support his or her research activities.

(*) In practice, 80% a posteriori in proportion to expenses actually accepted, and 20% following audits.

(**) Research professors have the same autonomy and rights (assimilation) as teaching staff in managing their project's human and financial resources, as well as access to internal and external funding instruments.

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updated on 2/2/24

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