The "Geeks Anonymes" are conferences intended for "geek" audiences, in particular for programming geeks: of course, programmers and computer scientists, but also engineers, biologists, and development concerns all sectors!

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nitiated by the interface of the University of Liège in may 2013, these meetings are held 1-2 times per month around noon at Sart Tilman (Liège, Belgium), and include each time 20 to 80 people from Liège businesses or researchers from ULiège. 

Season 7 programme

The program for the season 7 (2019-2020) is currently under construction. It will be available at the beginning of the season, in September 2019.


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Research and Innovation Administration

Jérémie FAYS

Bât. B60 Interface Entreprises-Université - Liège Science park
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