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MR3 - My Research in 3 minutes

Below are some questions that remind you how to succesfully face the challenge :

1. Why do I make this presentation? What is the real objective of this "exercise"?
2. What are the essential ideas, works, achievements I want to present? What do I expect my audience will remember from my speech?
3. How can I bring my public into my world? A so complex world? How can I make it interested and curious about my work? And how can I keep it listening to me till the end?
4. How can I format my speech for being intelligible and accessible for my audience, which can be so diverse?

As suggested by the Heath brothers in their book "Made to stick", the answer is:

Tell a Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible and Emotional Story. That's the SUCCESs way to do so !



Use the "almost nothing" given to you for doing that :

- YOU : Your intonation, your rhythm, your body language, your movements
- Your BACKGROUND (picture, poster, slides) : the support it gives to your talk, the interest it sparks, the attention it brings (back)
- Your AUDIENCE (the public) : its sight, hearing, emotions

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