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Microspir receives the Innovatech 2018 People's Choice Award


The Microspir project, initiated in 2016 by three researchers from the FOCUS research unit (Faculty of Science), has just received the people's choice award of the Innovatech 2018. This is in recognition of the development of SpirhOme, a domestic photobioreactor capable of producing fresh spirulina.


pirulina, a spiral algae, is now part of the list of "super foods" known for their nutritional qualities. Its nutritional virtues are so great that it is used to fight malnutrition in various African countries. Available in powder form, spirulina is consumed by athletes, vegetarians, the elderly and by anyone who wants a healthy and sustainable diet. If its nutritional qualities are demonstrated, they are even better when the seaweed is consumed fresh and not dried. It is from this observation that François Darchambeau, Bruno Delille, Gersande Blanchard, researchers at the FOCUS Research Unit (Faculty of Sciences) of ULiège, started to develop SpirhOme, an autonomous photobioreactor allowing individuals to grow and consume fresh spirulina every day. This device has just been awarded the InnovaTech 2018 People's choice. SpirhOme was developed as part of the Fisrt Spin-off Microspir project of the University of Liège, funded by the Walloon Region. Strengthened by the arrival of Robin Crunenberg (Business Development Manager), Microspir now wishes to develop its activities, in particular through the marketing of SpirhOme.

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