Renewable energies will be our resources of tomorrow. Among them, biomass - energy from waste plants and trees - particularly interests researchers at the University of Liège.

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Research units


The research theme of the Faculty Research Unit AGROBIOCHEM focuses on the valorisation of bioproducts related to the production of bio-resources. The research conducted there is aimed at developing food and non-food bioproducts through the transformation and exploitation of bio-resources, with the aim of improving the quality of life and the well-being of human and animal populations, all while preserving the environment.

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The TERRA Research Centre is a new interfaculty research unit of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech whose mission is to develop research in biological engineering applied to agronomy, biotechnology and the environment. One of the main objectives of TERRA is to develop transversality and exchanges between researchers from different disciplines. Interfaculty and international scientific collaboration is therefore essential. TERRA is also a structure that is closely connected with the corporate world. To support its researchers, TERRA is developing a specific strategy for finding funding and setting up international projects.

3 CARE (Research and Teaching Support Units) are associated with TERRA


Facilities and equipment


The University of Liège has - on its Gembloux campus - an Ecotron, a tool to study agro-ecosystems, including plants (crops and weeds), animals (insects and other invertebrates) and micro-organisms. It is a design that realistically simulates real and future environmental conditions, including weather and soil conditions. Daily and seasonal variations can be reproduced, and variability controlled. Studies focus on plant growth dynamics, interacting with environmental growth factors and under biotic and abiotic constraints.



TERRA: the cutting edge of biological engineering

The TERRA Research Centre, located in Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, brings together 175 teachers and researchers working in biological engineering applied to agronomy, biotechnology and the environment. This new multidisciplinary and international research centre, a unique structure in Wallonia, promotes scientific collaborations and interactions with the business world.


Providing value to our waste

Transforming biomass in order to provide it with value is the basis of the projects led by Aurore Richel at the Faculty of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech. Could every consumer soon become a player of the bioeconomy?

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updated on 4/4/24

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