Mobility & Euraxess: Facilitating international research collaboration

Euraxess is a European initiative designed to facilitate the mobility of researchers and promote European and international collaboration in the field of research. Through personalized services, this platform offers researchers from all over the world the opportunity to seize new scientific career opportunities, establish contacts and develop their careers within prestigious research institutions in Europe, such as ULiège.

The University of Liège subscribes to the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and has been awarded the "HR Excellence in Research" label by the European Commission in recognition of its long-term commitment to the continuous improvement of working conditions and career development for its researchers.

As part of this commitment, ULiège has joined the Euraxess network, a unique tool for scientists wishing to advance their careers and personal development by moving to other countries.

Services for international researchers:

Belonging to a network of 500 international Euraxess centers located in 40 countries and to the Belgian network of Euraxess Centers,the ULiège Euraxess center offers you support and a full range of services to facilitate the integration and adaptation of international researchers. All services are free of charge. They include :

  1. Administrative and legal assistance: Specific information relating to visas, work permits and any other administrative aspects linked to mobility is provided to facilitate the process of settling in and starting research.
  2. Housing and integration: Support in finding accommodation for foreign researchers is offered, as well as help in integrating into the social and cultural life of the Liège region.
  3. Funding opportunities: Researchers are informed and advised on the various funding opportunities available to support their research projects within the university.
  4. Career guidance: Career guidance services are available to help researchers develop their potential and progress in their field of expertise.
  5. Networking and scientific events: The initiative facilitates researchers' participation in scientific events and networking with other experts from the academic world.

ULiège offers a stimulating academic environment in which researchers can flourish. By choosing ULiège, foreign researchers are assured of an enriching experience both professionally and personally.

New to Liège? The RISE department (Research, Innovation, Support and Enterprise) invites you to an information session to help you settle in Liège. INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION


How can I apply for a scientific position at the University of Liège? What are the language requirements for working at ULiège? Are there any support services for the families of foreign researchers? How can I get help with administrative and legal issues related to mobility? What advantages does ULiège offer researchers? You are planning to move to Liège for start a doctorate, a postdoctoral stay or a research project at ULiege. Where to start? Would you like to find out more about Reserarcher IN status? Are you a researcher at ULiège who would like to spend some time abroad? You want to recruit and/or host a foreign researcher? Are you a student?

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For full information on administrative procedures, visas, healthcare, schools, etc., please consult and download our Guide.

The EURAXESS Belgium website also contains a great deal of useful information about daily life and the status of researchers in Belgium and Wallonia .

Structures d'aide et d'appui
RISE (Recherche, Innovation, Support and Enterprises) - EURAXESS Mobility Centre


EURAXESS Centre - Liège

Manon Godbille ; Laurence Maquest
ULiège - RISE - place du 20-août, 7 (bât. A1) - B-4000 Liège 4 366 29 59 

EURAXESS Centre - Gembloux

Laurent de Potter
ULiège - PACODEL - passage des Déportés, 2 (bldg. G1) - 5030 Gembloux | tel: +32(0)81 62 22 43


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