It is essential that researchers are aware that their research can generate innovation and that they know the stakes and the best practices regarding protection and valorisation.



he service RISE of the University performs a permanent role in raising awareness on the protection and valorisation of the results of research with the research teams through regular contact, but also through courses and seminars on intellectual property and valorisation.

Results Detection

Weekly consultations within the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FSA), of the Centre for Protein Engineering (CIP), of the University Hospital (CHU) and of the GIGA are put into place. These information sessions are part of an optimisation process of awareness-raising measures, and strengthen the presence of the RISE within the scientific community.

Whether you are professors, researchers or even doctoral students, our information sessions will provide you with the opportunity to discuss in full confidentiality your innovative projects, regardless of their level of maturity.

Protection of results

In 1999, ULiège adopted a regulation on intellectual property reaffirming the rights of the University on all inventions made within its premises and on how to manage their commercialisation.

Intellectual Property (IP) provides several ways for protecting an invention: secrecy, patents, copyright, branding, etc. RISE helps researchers evaluate the different protection strategies available to them and opt for the most suitable one(s). The investment in IP is then carried out by the company Gesval, which allows RISE to materialise the valorisation of the scientific heritage of ULiège and of the CHU, and to ensure its management.

The objective of the University is to provide companies with secure technologies on the intellectual property front in order to allow for an efficient exploitation; in case of success, the University associates the researches in the sharing of financial revenues.

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