The doctoral path is similar to a personal and professional trial, at the end of which the ability to bounce back is often characteristic of success. A scientific and professional adventure, the thesis is also a challenge where the doctoral student is can count on different people and bodies:

Thesis Supervisor

The key reference person throughout the PhD. From the start, the thesis supervisor is the key actor with whom the question of mutual expectations and the way of functioning is discussed (periodicity of the meetings, modalities of these meetings, planning of the work, the annual meeting with the thesis committee, etc.). It is he/she who supervises the work of the PhD student on a daily basis.


Behind each PhD student, a coach

What is the role of a thesis supervisor? Although the thesis supervisor is often in the background, they are nevertheless essential to the success of the PhD student's research.

The thesis committee

It is composed of at least three people including the sponsor, it advises the doctoral student in the preparation and drafting of their doctoral thesis. At least once a year, the doctoral student presents it with the status of their project.

The Doctoral College

The jury that organises and manages the development of the PhD programme of all PhD students in its field. It is in charge of: the admission of the candidates, the scientific follow-up of the PhD students. Structured by discipline, they have their own rules.

List of Doctoral Colleges

Thesis jury

It comes in at the end of the process to evaluate the quality of the thesis and award the title of doctor.

The University Council for Doctoral Training and the Doctorate (CUFDD)

It implements the institutional policy in the field of postgraduate studies. It is composed of (vice) presidents of colleges and doctoral representatives.

Consult the regulations 

The Doctorate Board

bureau du doctorat 2023-2024

The executive body of the CUFDD, the office regularly studies the challenges related to the PhD at ULiège. For the 2023-2024 academic year, the Board is composed as follows:

The Research and Development Administration

The doctoral affairs unit is a relay for all the actors who intervene, from nearby or afar, in the path of the doctoral student. It represents an institutional contact point with the doctoral colleges,  the network of doctoral students, doctoral schools, and other universities. And a point of contact, of course, for PhD students looking for answers to their questions.

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The administrators of the doctorate by Faculty

The PhD administrators within the faculties constitute reference persons for doctoral students:


FRS-FNRS doctoral schools : These 50 doctoral thematic schools offer a range of training courses for PhD students from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Network of doctoral students (ReD):  an inter-faculty network, it allows for dialogue between PhD students and interdisciplinary meetings, which are often sources of inspiration and innovation in research. Informal contacts between doctoral students are an essential form of support throughout the PhD, including at the very beginning of the course.

CCS : institutional consultation and representation body of the scientific staff of the University of Liège.

Contact - Doctoral Affairs
RISE (Recherche, Innovation, Support and Entreprises)

 Virginie CHRISTOPHE ; Evelyne FAVART

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