Every year, the University of Liège welcomes many international researchers for more or less long research stays. So many opportunities for meetings, networking, exchanges and scientific collaborations... They testify to their time in Liege.

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The favourites of three post-doctoral fellows at ULiège

Their names are Nives, Brian, Aarnoud, Martijn, Alessandro...They are Croatian, Filipino, Italian, Dutch or Canadian. Their common point: all are recipients of the BeIPD scholarship at the University of Liège. For two years, they learned or are learning to tame our fiery city.

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From Kinshasa to Liège, thesis and research

In May, Paulin Mutwale Kapepula defended his thesis entitled: “Antioxidant potentials and phytochemical analysis of Kahemba's traditional foods: prospects for valorization in the fight against konzo[1]”. Results of a study conducted over a period of four years between Kahemba, Kinshasa and Liège.

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Nigeria, Germany, Belgium... What comes next?

Solomon Ehosioke just finished his PhD in Applied Sciences at the University of Liège, in the Research Unit of Urban and Environmental Engineering under the supervision of Professor Frédéric Nguyen and Professor Sarah Garré. A look back at his career.

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