Do you feel disoriented, demotivated, homesick? You don't understand the attitude of a colleague or supervisor...You need to talk about it.

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About your personal situation

The psychological support service for students (including PhD students): is available and fully confidential, at any time of the year during your academic programme for specific psychological support. The blues, stress, lack of motivation during the exam period, personal problems, doubts... Everyone can experience hard times or question themselves. Addressing the situation together is already a step forward.

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The Cultural Diversity Department is at your disposal if you are an international student and you have questions related to getting settled in Belgium.

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About your work environment

The trusted persons are ULiège agents trained to welcome, listen, and support the agents who request it. They listen to the agent who solicits them and can, if he or she so wishes, initiate an informal intervention (meeting the person implicated, relaying you to another internal or external interlocutor at ULiège, relaying you to another professional, carrying out a mediation...). The trusted persons act at the request of the agent who solicits them, independently and confidentially. They are committed to quickly making themselves available.

The following agents can interact in English : Aurore Pironnet, Céline Bonjean, Marie Barbier

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Le SPMT-Arista (Public Service of Occupational Medicine) offers professional assistance for the realisation of the workplace well-being policy of the university via the monitoring of the (physical and psychological) health of its workers and the management of risks related to their work environment.

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The Council of the Scientific Body (CCS) is the institutional consultation and representation body of the scientific staff of the University of Liège. It represents the scientific staff with the authorities of the institution and organises the reflections concerning the scientific career.

  • Contact the administrative secretariat of the CCS:

Mr Alexis Ortega
bldg. B5a – Institut de Physique - Quartier Agora - allée du 6-Août 19 - 4000 Liège
tel +32 4 366

  • One of the tasks of labour unions is to defend the interests of workers vis-à-vis their employer. They can provide you with information on your rights and duties as employees of ULiège.

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  • You can contact the Council for Ethics and Scientific Integrity (C.E.I.S.) if you have questions about plagiarism, ethics, or scientific integrity in your research or your work environment.

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The EURAXESS Centre of ULiège is located at the Research Administration. It is also accessible on the Gembloux site and via the Pacodel at Sart Tilman. It is better to make an appointment.

EURAXESS Centre - Liège EURAXESS Centre - Gembloux
Brigitte Ernst
place du 20-août, 7 (bldg. A1) - B-4000 Liège
tél. : +32 4 366 53 36
Laurent de Potter
passage des Déportés, 2 (bldg. G1) - 5030 Gembloux
tél. : +32(0)81 62 22 43

Human Resources Research Management Strategy

hr excellenceThe University of Liège subscribes to the principles of the European Charter for Researchers. The Human Resources Research Management Strategy of ULiège (2011-2014) includes 30 actions that it intends to develop to improve the status of researchers at ULiège. This internal quality process includes a biannual self-assessment and an external evaluation after 4 years. The European Commission has awarded ULiège's approach with the title of "HR Excellence in Research".

iconeInfo HR Excellence

The Staff Social Service

The Staff Social Service is at the disposal of all agents of the University who have to face difficult situations (personal or professional problems, health issues, material problems...).

The Social Service works independently in order to respect the confidentiality of the talks.

The social worker is there to listen to everyone. She welcomes, informs, advises, orients and proposes solutions depending on the personal situation of the agent, regardless of their status.

  • The social service receives by appointment, and is at your disposal for the following subjects:
  • social loans (according to certain criteria)
  • financial aid (according to certain criteria)
  • various information of a social nature
  • possibility to join a group healthcare/hospitalisation insurance

Staff Social Service
Christine Meurens
place du 20-Août, 7 (bât. A1) - 4000 LIEGE
tél. : 04/366.98.95 -

Student Quality of Life - cultural diversity and the Student Social Service

For general questions related to their stay and their installation in Belgium, doctoral students can contact the Quality of Student Life - Cultural Diversity service, as well as the Student Social Service.

Your contacts at the Human Resources Administration

Each staff member has three privileged contacts with the Human Resources Administration:

  • an administrative file manager for all questions concerning contracts, types of leave, reductions in working time, certificates of employment, etc.
  • a financial file manager for all questions relating to salary, transportation cost reimbursement, vacation pay, etc.
  • a medico-social manager for absences due to illness, maternity leave, prophylactic intervals, breastfeeding breaks, etc.

The names of your file managers are listed at the bottom of your payroll.

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