The University of Liège intends to use the national and international research funding to develop research of quality and excellence.


esearchers are invited to develop particularly effective profiles, to integrate into strong networks, to develop collaborative and creative research and valorise their search results, both scientifically and economically.

 Funds are thus planned internally for various types of competitive projects and professional development, particularly for training and international mobility. In all cases, requests are submitted for evaluation by pairs, following predefined criteria and distributed in with full transparency.

Tools are also made available for research opportunities (access reserved for ULiège members) through public funders (European Commission, Walloon Region...) or other financing bodies. The great fragmentation of the possibilities of support for research and the growing complexity of the paperwork led ULiège to develop strong support services for researchers and research teams.

RISE (Recherche, Innovation, Support and Entreprises)

RISE is organised to meet the major challenges of funding and managing public contract research projects. It offers specific support for submitting project proposals and iniciating collaborative projects and provides support for research projects in direct contact with companies and enhances the results of the research.