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he PhD, research training through research, provides a well-known array of scientific and transversal skills which, little by little, become one with the personality of the researcher. ULiège has roughly 2,000 doctoral students: passionate men and women who are creative and tenacious, leaders of a doctoral project that they carry well beyond the national frontiers. They communicate and publish in journals across the globe. They are integrated into the best scientific teams and supervised by professors or experienced researchers who guide and advise them.

Doctoral training and research work are the foundations of the PhD. The University of Liège is committed to enabling the student to carry out his or her research training in the best possible conditions, having officially engaged in this approach through joining the European Charter for researchers. Funding is available to complete a thesis at ULiège in the best possible conditions and to promote the international openness and exposure of its researchers.

You are curious and motivated? Embark on the doctoral adventure at ULiège ! In addition, the living and housing conditions in Liège are very favourable. Whether you are from here or abroad, welcome to ULiège! Your life as a researcher will meet - there is no doubt about it - the level of your passion. You are already a PhD student? Find the essential information on the intranet.


Undertaking a PhD today means choosing to complete one's 2nd cycle studies through a programme specific to a future profession: that of the researcher.

A doctoral student is thus a researcher in the early stages of their career, who acquires little by little a professional experience of roughly 4 years leading an original research project.


In search of a thesis

As with the Holy Grail, the thesis may sometimes appear to the PhD student who is preparing it as a mythical and mysterious quest. Between the unknown, the unexpected and the unhoped-for, three doctoral students tell their stories.


Liège doctors all over the world

From Melbourne to Bhubaneswar via Kinshasa, Liège attracts doctoral students from around the world for a thesis that will often bring them international expertise.

Research and Innovation Administration - Doctoral Affairs


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