Networks are essential to encourage cross-fertilisation, multidisciplinarity, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as to promote the skills of the laboratories of the University and of the University Hospital.



hese networks lead researchers to ask questions about socio-economic needs and to answer them, all while identifying the additional resources needed for the development of their work. They are bringing real visibility to their activity and, to a greater extent, creating a critical mass of researchers, strengthening institutional synergy, collective competitiveness and scientific influence of the Institution in the service of economic and societal development.

To improve the effectiveness of its actions, the Interface continues its collaborations with Governments and partners in innovation. Active involvement in these networks allows the Interface to be in active standby regarding innovation policy and, more generally, in the ecosystem of innovation in order to be part of new actions and strengthen the influence of ULiège.

Our partners for the creation of companies:

CIDE-Socran: Market research and business plans

Meusinvest, Namur Invest, Investsud, Ost-Belgien Invest: Public investment companies

SRIW: Walloon public investment company

WSL: Engineering Sciences Incubator

WBC: Life Sciences Incubator

The Faktory: Technology Start-ups Incubator

LeanSquare: Start-ups incubator

Our partners for economic development:

GRE-Liège: Coordination of the territorial development

SPI, Idelux: Economic Development Agencies

UWE, UWEL: Walloon Union of Companies, and Liège Section

Agoria: Federation of Technology Companies

CCILVN, CCILB: Chambers of Commerce

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