The University of Liège, like all other universities, is the owner of the results of research carried out in its facilities.



his ownership translates to all means of protection useful in commercialising these results, including patents, models, deposits...or even secrecy. Regarding patents, these are part of the indicators of the Institution's reputation.  This situation is also valid for most of the direct public funding (Europe, Belgium, CFWB, Wallonia...).

As part of collaborative research with one or several companies, depending on the inventive involvement and intensity of financing on the part of the company, Intellectual Property (IP) can be shared. In this context, a consortium agreement determines the management and exploitation terms of this shared IP. The objective is based on two principles of Open Innovation:

  • granting the partner company all rights useful and necessary for the exploitation of the technology in accordance with its project;
  • conserving the rights for the non-affected areas in order to potentially further research with other partners.

The terms depend as much on the technology sector as on the effective involvement of stakeholders in the "invention", and naturally takes account of the company's investment.

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