The economic valorisation of university research is meant to have the results of research used within the framework of a company.

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he University of Liège has developed a structured and voluntarist policy of the management and commercialisation of intellectual property marked by the regional and federal policies, by the recommendations of the European Commission, as well as by the will of the University to become an important actor in local economic and technological development.

This policy concerns inventions protected by secrecy, patent, design and model, certified deposit, and authors rights: namely, scientific and technological, as well as software inventions. In 1999, ULiège adopted a regulation on intellectual property reaffirming the rights of the University on all inventions made within its premises and on how to manage their commercialisation.

Through the economic valorisation of research, the objective of the University is thus to provide companies with secure technologies in terms of intellectual property to allow for an efficient exploitation. In case of success, the University associates the researches in the sharing of financial revenues.

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General organisation

The University of Liège has put together a series of integrated tools for valorisation:

  • The Business-University Interface: a pluridisciplinary team
  • Gesval: a company for the operational management of intellectual property and the transfer of technology
  • Spinventure: seed and pre-seed capital
  • Science Park Services: company hosting
  • WSL, WBC: specialised incubators
  • Cide-Socran: business plan and market research
  • PiCarré: Intellectual Property assistance
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