For 200 years, the research led at the University of Liège has had an important impact in understanding the society in which we live.



ith their 200 years of existence, the University of Liège and its researchers have marked history. While some researchers have had an immediate impact, for others it will take years before we are able to measure their true value. From the discovery of meiosis and the centrosome to the deciphering of the chemical structure of the cellular wall, from Catalan's conjecture to the development of experimental pedagogy, from the discovery of an exoplanetary system presenting potentially inhabitable worlds to the in-depth study of the conscious states of patients in comas...very diverse is the research led in the University of Liège’s 55 research units .

The many awards, distinctions and grants received by its researchers attest to the quality of the research led at the University of Liège. A university rooted in its city and in the world, an open and citizen university which isn't afraid to reach outside its walls to offer to the general public activities and scientific popularisation in order to share with all this knowledge that helps us better understand the world in which we live.

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