Since its creation 200 years ago, the University of Liège has been tasked with supporting the economic development of its region. This leaves it with a responsibility for excellence, but also for openness regarding the research that it undertakes.


Collaborations with business

Collaborations with businesses can take very diverse forms, which fall into several categories:


  • Collaborative research
  • Technology Partnerships
  • Subcontracting and services
  • Student work

The production of knowledge is the primary objective of Research, which involves both a dissemination of results as well as a mastery of intellectual property for exploitation by a partner company, or even by other companies.

Commercialisation of research

The process of transferring knowledge to the business world, also called the commercialisation of research, involves the following steps:

  • Detection of results
  • Protection strategy
  • Technology maturation
  • Transfer of the technology or results
  • Partnership monitoring

The creation of a new company, called a spin-off company, is the most complete form of knowledge transfer, which has a long tradition at the University of Liège and a recognised ecosystem.

Many tools to support collaborative or transfer actions are available and also controlled, both internally and through external resources.

Finally, the University of Liège's consideration for openness is also reflected in its active involvement in many local and international networks, placing its Business-University Interface at the crossroads of innovation.


Government support


For these missions, ULiège benefits from government support in order to encourage the valorisation of the results of research and their economic consequences. Thanks to the 2014-2020 structural funds, the University has a little more than 3.4 million Euros from the European Social Fund as part of the MIRVAL+ project. Wallonia is investing the same amount.


MIRVAL+ aims to amplify the impact of the applied research activities of universities and university colleges of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation on innovation in companies. The project is carried out in partnership with the operators of the EasyNove network: Agence pour l’Entreprise et l’Innovation, Innovatech, PICARRE, Réseau LIEU, Wallonie Design.

The actions regarding businesses aim to bring about opportunity, better identify their needs, and, in response to these, make university skills more accessible to these businesses.

For researchers, in addition to awareness-raising regarding intellectual property and economic development, it is about identifying the skills of laboratories and making them known to businesses.

In concrete terms, by these actions, MIRVAL+ will facilitate the transfer of research units toward civil society, paying particular attention to the mobilisation of skills in the human sciences and to social innovation.

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