The University of Liège promotes the technologies developed by its researchers. Among these, new products, processes or services are ready for licensing.

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Life science

  • New tool to optimize anti-EGFR therapies
    Our researchers at University of Liège have established an unexpected functional link between MT4-MMP (MMP-17) and EGFR pathway that allows optimizing treatment and prediction of the responsiveness to anti-EGFR in cancer therapy.
  • Innovative chitosan-based biomimetic scaffold for wound repair and tissue engineering
    Our researchers at the ULg have developed an innovative chitosan-based scaffold for wound repair and tissue engineering. This new scaffold-type has unique structural properties that stimulate the healing process and improve of the overall quality of the repaired tissue through a more adequate revascularization, re-epithelialization and remodeling of the granulation tissue. Easy-to-handle, and large potential for re-modelling.
  • Continuous-flow process for the preparation of methylphenidate hydrochloride
    The patented technology consists in an alternate more cost effective process for the preparation of the active pharmaceutical ingredient threo-methylphenidate hydrochloride, a central nervous system stimulant.
    Specific process conditions were developed to meet the specific requirements of continuous-flow reactors.
    This work fits in the actual context of developing efficient continuous-flow processes for the continuous manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • New synthetic antidote for heparin
    This synthetic hemocompatible polymer is an elegant high-quality alternative to protamine-sulphate (PS) for the rapid and efficient neutralization of heparin (non fractionated and fractionated) in complex biological media such as human plasma.
    The synthetic nature of this heparin antidote allows to overcome most of the challenges faced by PS, ie like residues, purity, supply, and consistency while maintaining a similar efficacy and onset of action.

Engineering and technology

  • Battery : Technology offers and Research teams at ULiège Research in the field of batteries at ULiège is encompassing several topics of major interest such as raw and processed materials, cells and components manufacturing, energy management systems, recycling, ... ULiège has notably built up a strong expertise in the development and processing of materials for the manufacturing of Li-ion battery electrodes. 

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