PhD House: An inspiring place designed by and for young researchers and doctoral students

Anchored in networks of excellence and with the desire to provide the best possible training for the researchers⋅euses of tomorrow, the Université de Liège has always ensured that each doctoral⋅e can complete their training in the best possible conditions.

To this end, it has put in place sustained support for its young researchers⋅euses through, in particular, supervisors⋅es and its administrations. And yet, there is a growing need for support and guidance for these junior researchers. ULiège, through the RISE service, is listening to them on a daily basis to offer them relevant solutions to facilitate their doctoral career. It is by working for and with them that the provision of dedicated spaces where they can come together, exchange ideas, share activities and best practices, and develop their skills, has become a matter of course for ULiège in 2020.


Located on the Sart Tilman campus, the PhD House has been designed to host doctoral training courses, writing workshops, activities between doctoral⋅es such as co-working days and discussion tables, as well as events dedicated to doctoral⋅es such as PhD Days or welcome days for new researchers⋅euses, or thesis defenses. These are just some of the activities that keep the heartbeat of this unusual place in Wallonia beating.

Why a PhD House at ULiège?

  • Improving the conditions for carrying out and finalizing research projects: the PhD House offers a wide range of activities and equipment to facilitate the completion of research projects.
  • Reinforcing recognition of the PhD and the identity of doctoral⋅es: Through the provision of this unique venue dedicated to the PhD and doctoral⋅es, ULiège is concretely demonstrating its strong desire to support and recognize its doctoral community. Junior researchers⋅euses are here heard⋅es and recognized⋅es in their needs.
  • Fostering networking, collaboration and exchanges: Through its size and layout, the PhD House offers an environment conducive to exchanges and collaborations of all types. Whether⋅they wish to organize informal meetings in small groups,Young researchers can meet informally, discuss their projects in groups,and or share best practices in "co-working" mode or even, in front of an assembly, the PhD House lends itself to numerous configurations to foster. This interdisciplinary interaction.
  • Encouraging training and professional development: Beyond their research work, PhD⋅es need to develop cross-disciplinary skills to succeed in their careers. The PhD House hosts workshops and training courses led by experts⋅es from all walks of life, covering topics such as scientific communication, well-being or career development. These are all opportunities that enhance PhD⋅es' skills and prepare them for their professional future.
  • Offering a calm, comfortable and inspiring study space: The PhD House offers doctorant⋅es a calm, studious place where they⋅elles can focus on their research, particularly during coworking days organized by the Réseau des Doctorant⋅es. Equipped with the latest technologies,. the PhD House creates an environment conducive to concentration and productivity, essential for these junior chercheur⋅es.

Open to all doctoral students, ULiège's PhD House represents much more than just a workplace for these young researchers. It's a dynamic, collaborative living space where ideas come to life, interactions make sense and skills are honed. By investing in this type of space, the Université de Liège demonstrates its unwavering commitment and support for tomorrow's researchers.

As well as being open to every doctoral⋅e, the PhD House also hosts doctoral-related gatherings or sectoral or faculty doctoral events. These include meetings of the ULiège Doctoral Office, the Conseil Universitaire à la Formation Doctorale et au Doctorat (CUFDD), as well as days devoted to the research of doctoral⋅es from specific research sectors or faculties.

iconeInfoPractical info

The PhD House offers 4 dedicated areas:

  • A training area (28 to 52 places)
  • A work area (24 workstations)
  • A meeting room (15 places)
  • A relaxation area

Would you like to organize an event or defend your thesis at the PhD House?

Any organization inside or outside the Université de Liège, any faculty, any PhD⋅e or chercheur⋅euse can reserve this space to hold an event directly related to PhD⋅es or PhDs . Please do not hesitate to contact one of the managers of this space at RISE to make a reservation (free of charge) or to ask any questions you may have.

Access, opening hours and management

To open the doors of the PhD House, please have your staff badge ready and read the PhD House operating charter ! If you have any problems accessing or using the premises, please notify one of these two organizations or contact or the building manager.

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