Considered one of the key technologies of Industry 4.0, digital twins are the ultimate step in digitization creating a virtual representation of a real entity and organizing an exchange iterative loop between digital and real world, they integrate the whole life cycle of products, machines, production lines or even entire companies. The Euregio has the potential to become an area of excellence concerning digital twin technologies. The success will come from two key factors; on one hand to test digital twin in real business environment and learn about it and on the other hand to elevate the general level of knowledge and expertise of Euregio regarding digital twins.

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he EMR DT Academy brings added value that complements and goes beyond the academic state of the art on digital twins. It connects the academic partners (the education system) with society as a whole (the industrial and societal players) by responding to the concrete expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s labor markets.

The results of the Digital Twin Academy project will thus be able to respond to the lack of digital twin skills among the citizens of the Meuse-Rhine Euregio thanks to innovative training programs based on new forms of learning (Mooc, Spoc, webinars, videoconferences, virtual classes…). The expected results will create an adaptive learning environment by providing regular feedback on progress. For the other profiles trained, the aim will be to reinforce these skills through advanced e-learning modules focused on use cases.

Thus, this project will contribute to increase the employability and/or sustainability of these people in their professional environment by enabling them to meet the expectations of the companies in the territory and, by relationship, to be able to maintain the competitiveness of the Euregio with respect to other regions


The “Digital Twin Academy” project is funded by CALL6 of the Interreg V-a programme of the Meuse-Rhine Euregio. This programme is financed by the the European Regional Development Fund and also receives financial support from the regional authorities.  The total funding amounts to 4.117.772,05 Euro.

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Contact at ULiège
Digital Twin Académy

Pr. Michaël Schyns

Digital Business - HEC, the Management School of the University of Liège

Pr. Eric Béchet

CGEO - Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering - School of Engineering - ULiège

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