The past few months have been filled with rapid change and uncertainty. Our home environments have been transformed into offices and classrooms and schedules and plans have been adjusted... more than once. This fall, as you prepare to return to campus, to your research unit or lab, the ULiege Research Office is offering a new programme : Rebooting Research !

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Are you an international researcher, an early stage researcher or a principal investigator? After the challenges and uncertainty of the past few months, Rebooting Research is a new programme which offers workshop, webinars and best practices to help researchers begin this new academic year with confidence, motivation and focus.


Rebooting Research for International Researchers (R0, R1, R2)

Meet & Greet : Begin the Year Successfully

Welcome Afternoons for New International Researchers


Rebooting Research for Early Stage Researchers (R1)

Webinaire: Oser Retourner sur le Campus (coaching en groupe)

Workshop : se Reconnecter à son projet de recherche


Rebooting Research for Principal Investigators (R3, R4)

Tips to Restart Life on Campus (English)

Conseils pour bien redémarrer en présentiel (French)

Webinaire : Maintenir une dynamique d’équipe et optimiser la collaboration à distance

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