MSCA Grants - Specific support

If you plan to submit a project to one of these calls, the Research and Development Administration is available to :

  • Support you in the decision to prepare such a project : via the analysis of your CV, help with questioning to gauge the relevance of submitting such a project at this precise moment in your career (or help you as best as possible to plan it for the years to follow);
  • Help you master the philosophy of these calls, through the dissemination of key documents and the organisation of information sessions and workshops;
  • Answer any questions you may still have after browsing through the documents available on the official call pages;
  • Provide you with specific information about the University of Liège;
  • Review your project and provide personalised advice;
  • Have the institution's authorities sign the documents required by the concerned call ("Host Institution Commitment Letter", follow-up of documents such as" Non-disclosure agreement ", " consortium agreement ", in collaboration with the Legal Affairs service);
  • Prepare an application for a Grant for setting up Horizon 2020 projects from the FNRS (if applicable), once the project has been submitted.

We regularly disseminate information on these calls and on the organisation of info-sessions / workshops via intranets; so be sure to stay tuned !

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updated on 4/4/23