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The BeIPD FP7-MC People-Cofund project (2013-2019, Grant Agreement 600405 ) allowed the University of Liege to offer 136 positions to worldwide postdoctoral researchers with the purpose of establishing themselves as experienced researchers. Fellowships were awarded across all disciplines to 104 Incoming Postdocs (IPD) who were new to the University of Liège or to Belgium and were looking to join one of our top research units.  32 Outgoing Postdocs (OPD) were awarded to young researchers looking to develop their careers and skills elsewhere in the world.

Selection of the best candidates was administered by the University of Liège Research Councils with the help of the Research Office, in accordance with the disciplines of the applications and applicants (Human and Social Sciences, Sciences and Techniques, and Life Sciences). Candidates had a 1/5 chance at being selected.

ULiège focused on three key achievements: (1) science, (2) career development and (3) improving the quality of HRS4R practices specifically the open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of researchers (OTM-R).


Scientific outcomes: Approximately 1800 works were published by the fellows and were made available in Open Access ( 585 scientific publications, 225 books or book chapters, 800 conference presentations and 190 speeches, outreach activities, and educational publications. ULiège formed new networks and deepened their partnerships with existing institutions.


Career development:

  • Dedicated support was offered to assist fellows in developing their career competencies. Training topics included Personal Effectiveness, Engagement-Influence-Impact (including teaching), Knowledge of Governance and Organisation, Dissemination-Outreach and Networking.
  • Fellows were offered opportunities to meet with industry partners and to apply for future grants and funding. Several researchers were awarded noteworthy positions in Belgium and abroad.
  • Activities were organised to promote the research projects and outcomes and included events such as participation in local and international/EU Events (Researchers’ night, MSCA, Science Café, HRS4R Master Classes, peer program development support)

Improvement of ULiège HRS4R practices:

  • Top applications were selected using transparent OTM-R procedures which assessed the applicant based on their project, merit and CVs (including career breaks or other considerations). ULiège gained experience in writing guidelines for applicants and assessors, managing numerous applications within a short time frame, incorporating external evaluators in the process, training assessment teams and offering feedback to the applicants.
  • Trainings and events which included tailored career support were developed to reinforce the existing internal support structures.
  • ULiège adapted and supported the needs of the postdocs’: clarification regarding their academic status as a researcher and employee was offered, adjustments for work-life balance (flexibility, parental leaves) were made and requests for “after BeIPD support” were met.
  • Finally in order to ensure the sustainability of the procedures put in place by this project, ULiège implemented quality assurance procedures within the framework of this project to address GDPR complaints, dissemination, and integration of the HRS4R Action Plan.

What’s next? The quest for excellence continues with new calls for STEM+Agrobiotech postdocs. Contact with past fellows will be maintained to ascertain the long term impact of the programme and to promote MSCA opportunities and membership. Best practices from this project will be shared through publications and events.

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BeIPD-COFUND Project Coordinator

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