Preparatory PhD Project Certificate (PPPC)

Participating in the Preparatory PhD Project certificate (PPPC) offers you the opportunity to develop a strong foundation for a successful career in research. The three month seminar is hosted in French and in English in the spring and in autumn.



Explore the different tools used in research. Learn how to ask pertinent research questions and how to develop your project in order to prepare a strong presentation for your thesis defence. Throughout the course, you’ll be supported by a team of experienced administrators, faculty members and research units.


Participant eligibility

  • All Master graduates from ULiège or another accredited institution of higher education who are considering pursuing a doctoral programme and interested in the occupation of a researcher;
  • All candidates for a PhD grant who are able to present their research project and develop their competencies, regardless of whether their funding requests are approved;
  • All active professionals who have successfully completed a graduate degree and would like to begin a PhD in a field related to their current profession.

Applicants must provide formal documentation authenticating the possibility of pursuing doctoral studies within the system in which they graduated.

Applicants must identify and be accepted by a supervisor who is a faculty member of the University of Liège in order to be considered for the certificate.

Costs & Financial aid

The registration fee for the certificate is €835. Upon successful completion of the certificate, if a participant is granted subsequent admission to a doctoral programme at the University of Liege, the registration fee for the doctorate will be reduced accordingly. Please note that successful completion of the certificate does not automatically entitle the applicant to funding for further doctoral studies.

Applicants may apply for financial assistance to cover mobility, relocation and registration expenses. Requests will be reviewed internally and assessed according to need and merit.


Upcoming sessions

Next CUPPD sessions will be organized:

  • Spring session : from 26 February to17 May 2024
  • Autumn session : from 18 September to 7 December 2024 

Please note that a minimum of five successful candidates is required to open this training session.


Registration for the spring session via the online form

  • before 13 December 2023 for foreign cadidates
  • before 19 January 2024 for other candidates

Consolidation of the Proposal for Doctoral studies (CPD) : a programme for applicants already enrolled in a doctoral programme

For applicants who are already enrolled in a doctoral programme and interested in the Preparatory PhD Project Certificate, a similar programme entitled the Consolidation of the Proposal for Doctoral studies (CPD) may be considered. This programme is hosted simultaneously and a certificate of achievement will be issued by ULiege - RISE (Research Innovation Support & Enterprises) upon successful completion. 


iconeAttention Only doctoral candidates in their first year of enrolment who have not participated in the annual Thesis Committee meeting (held at the end of the first year of studies) are eligible for this programme. Participation in this certificate requires the authorisation and support of the doctoral supervisor.



Registration for the spring session via the online form, before 19 January 2024.

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