With a budget of 120 million euros over a period of 4 years, the EoS projects (Excellence of Science) aim to boost fundamental research in our country by promoting collaborative projects between researchers from the north and south of the country. The University of Liège will participate in 14 of these projects, including 3 as coordinator.


Evolution and Tracers of Habitability on Mars and the Earth

Participant :  Emmanuelle JAVAUX (UR Astrobiology)

Chemical Information Mining in a Complex

Participants : Jean-François FOCANT (UR MolSys), Philippe HUBERT (UR CIRM) et Marianne FILLET (UR CIRM)

Decadal Predictability and vAriability of polar climate: the Role of AtMosphere- Ocean-cryosphere mUltiscale inteRactions

Participant : Xavier FETTWEIS (UR SPEHERES)

Ecological roles of cyclic lipopeptides from plant-beneficial rhizobacteria: a chemical-biology approach to decipher primary functions of secondary metabolites.

Participants: Edwin DE PAUW (UR MolSys), Marc ONGENA (UR TERRA) et Loïc QUINTON (UR MolSys)

Understanding Heterogeneity of Eosinophils in Airway Disease

Participants: Fabrice BUREAU (GIGA Institute) et Renaud LOUIS (Pneumologie-Allergologie)

Preservation and repair of the joint: meeting the osteoarthritis challenge

Participants:  Liesbet GERIS (GIGA Institute / Aérospatiale et Mécanique) et Yves HENROTIN (UR UROC)

Viral interference with RNA sensing and processing

Participant : Laurent GILLET (UR FARAH)

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