Interreg is one of the key instruments of the European Union (EU) supporting cooperation across borders through project funding. Its aim is to jointly tackle common challenges and find shared solutions in fields such as health, environment, research, education, transport, sustainable energy and more.


The current programme is called Interreg V and covers the period 2014-2020.

Interreg Eurgio Meuse-Rhin

AACoMa Accelerate Advanced Composite Manufacturing Olivier BRULS
BuSyBee Business to Science to Business in EMR+ Michel MORANT
E-TEST Einstein Telescope EMR Site & Technology Christophe COLLETTE
EMR Connect (ECON)   Mario COOLS
euPrevent SNA Subjective assessment of harmful use of addictive substances by consumers in contrast to objective data"social norms approach" as an innovative method for addiction prevention Benoît PÉTRÉ
EUR.Friends w(orking) w(ith) w(eb). Eur(egional)/(opean). Friends Marie MAWHIN
Healthy Ageing Virtual Institute for Lipid Research (VIRIL) Renaud LOUIS
i2CoRT Innovation and Implementation Accelerator for Complex Rehabilitation Technology Jean-François KAUX
IKIC Public Safety International Knowledge and Information Centre in public safety Alexandre-Emmanuel GHUYSEN
In Flow Innovative flow chemistry for sustainable formulations Christine JEROME
LIVES - LV25 Light Vehicle 2025 Pierre DUYSINX
N-POWER Neighbourhood empowerment Jacques TELLER
OncoCare Innovation and quality for patient-centred oncology management in the Euregio Yves BEGUIN
Poly-Valve Polymeric heart valve prosthesis for life-"Creative chemistry for a sustainable future" Patrizio LANCELLOTTI
SEE-V-Lab Student Entrepreneurship Euregio VentureLab Beranrd SURLEMONT
Terra Mosana Enhancing the connectivity of Euregio Meuse-Rhine urban and architectural heritage by means of digital storytelling Roland BILLEN
TREE Training for InteGrating Refugees in Euregio Marrianne POUMAY
WearIT4Health Wearable Integrated Technology for Health Monitoring of Hospitalized Patients in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine Michel MORANT


Interreg France Wallonie Vlaanderen



Increased research and innovation in the cross-border area in strategic and highly complementary sectors

Philippe JACQUES


New strategies for the production and formulation of low toxicity biopesticides



Biological protection in practice: optimising the effectiveness of new biopesticides

Bernard BODSON


Novel biosourced and multifunctional molecules for the biocontrol of phytopathogenic agents



Design and production of biosensors for sustainable and efficient agriculture


Development, deployment and promotion of new recovery products for dual-purpose Belgian Blue

Marianne SYNDIC

Cross-border development of polymer-natural fibers composite materials. Consideration of emissive and sensory aspects


Development of an integrated approach for the diagnosis of water quality of the River Meuse

Beranrd TYCHON

Innovative Trends in Cosmetics

Magali DELEU

Benefits of the cross-border valorization of marginal sites to support bio-based economy


Early diagnosis of human pathologies by analysis of volatile organic compounds in exhaled air

Anne-Claude ROMAIN



Development of smart tools for aquaponics adapted to professionals, urban communities and education


Wheat bran valorization into surfactants

Magali DELEU

Integrated solutions for increasing reuse of C&D wastes : transnational approach for circular economy



Interreg Grande Région

AGRETA Ardenne Grande Région, Eco-Tourisme et Attractivité Marc DUFRÊNE
APPS Patient Care Partner approach in the Greater Region Benoît PÉTRÉ
BIOVAL Establishment of a value chain for brewery waste in a circular economy context Aurore RICHEL
CBS - Border Studies UniGR Center for Border Studies # European Center for Border Studies emerging in the Greater Region Jean-Henri GATHON
EUR&QUA Development of a transborder space of international protection of childhood Laurent NISEN
FAFIL Additiion Manufacturing using wire deposition Pierre DUYSINX
GRoNE Aerial Robotics Greater Region Anne-Claude ROMAIN
IMPROVE-STEM Interreg project developing new bioMaterials for PROliferation and in vitro Expansion of STEM cells Dominique TOYE
MMUST MUltimodal Model and Cross-border Mobility Scenarios Mario COOLS
NHL-ChirEx Program of excellence in surgery / radiotherapy at the faculties of medicine of Nancy, Hombourg / Saarland and Liège Alexandre Emmanuel GHUYSEN
NOE-NOAH A shared network of innovative and socially responsible ecological reconnections in the Greater Region Jean WINAND
PAE European Automotive Division Pierre DUYSINX
Perséphone Integration of the Biogas industry into the new Bioeconomy Anne-Claude ROMAIN
PowderReg Transport, storage and shaping of powders of industrial interest Nicolas VANDEWALLE
PRODPILOT Productivity management for SMEs in the Greater Region Olivier LISEIN
Pth4GR²ID Power to Heat for the Greater Region's Renewables Integration and Development Philippe ANDRÉ
PULSATEC Applications of pulsed plasma surface treatment technologies on complex 3D surfaces/forms Grégoire LÉONARD
PUSH.GR Platform for entrepreneurs and students from higher education institutions in the Grande Région Michel MORANT
RCC/KN Network of climatic chambers Philippe ANDRÉ
Regiowood II This project aims to strengthen sustainable management in private forest for the benefit of the whole Big Region and its natural heritage Philippe LEJEUNE
Robotix-Academy Cross-border teaching and research centre in industrial robotics Olivier BRULS
SDTGR / REKGR Territorial development plan of the Greater Region Henri-Jean GATHON
SLH Smart Light Hub Jean Winand


Interreg North West Europe

B4H Boost4Health Boost4Health - The Life Sciences Hub of NWE Michel MORANT
Green WIN Greener Waterway Infrastructure Benjamin DEWALS
GROOF Greenhouses to Reduce CO2 on Roofs Haïssam JIJAKLI
HappyMoo Delivering NWE dairy farmers, vets and extension workers with innovative and holistic monitoring tool to screen animals with regards to animal welfare and more especially freedom from disease, hunger and stress, through new smart data opportunities Nicolas GENGLER
PHOS4YOU Phosphorus Recovery from waste water for your Life Angélique LÉONARD
RAWFILL Supporting a new circular economy for RAW materials project was approved with technical requirements byrecovered from landFILLs Frédéric NGUYEN
REGENERATIS REGENERATIon of past metalurgical Sites and deposits through innovative circularity for raw materials Frédéric NGUYEN
SeRaMCo Secondary Raw Materials for Concrete Precast Products (introducing new products, applying the circular economy) Luc COURARD

Interreg Europe

STEPHANIE Space TEchnology with Photonics for market and societal challenges Michel BOGAERTS

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