Between December 2013 and August 2014, the Research Administration coordinated the pilot project "Linkin'Wallonia: Raising international mobility researchers' awareness of the economic, political, social and cultural context of the Wallonia Brussels space". Its aim?  To develop lasting relations between the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the post-doc researchers it hosts.


It was developed around three complementary axes:

  • A (continuing) training program offering information seminars on the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, its history, its organization, its economy, its strategic research projects, its funding of research, including visits and meetings to the Walloon Parliament , the Provincial Palace of Liège and the City of Liège.
  • A personal project, developed individually, on the basis of an in-depth question relating to culture, political life, citizenship, gastronomy, education, etc. in the Walloon region. The product of research / discovery is an artistic object (video, photos, collage, etc.) that is shared, promoted and disseminated.
  • A public session of sharing and presentation of artistic products and the individual and collective process, to the political, economic and scientific authorities.

15 participants (10% of the number of post-docs in mobility at the University) of 10 different nationalities enrolled in the programme.


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