Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

82 Catalogue des formations transversales 2023-2024 Developed skills Participants build together and step by step a clear poster for their own research. SCIENTIFIC POSTER WITH IMPACT Goals How do you stand out in a room with a hundred scientific posters? This short session will explain, step by step, how to translate your core message into a clear and attractive poster. Description The following topics will be covers: • Step by step Build a poster, block by block. • Attention How do you draw people’s attention? Why would they listen to you? • The poster pitch Your story in twenty seconds. • Structure How do you structure a poster? • Clear How do you summarize a long research paper on a single poster? • Design How do you design a poster and where do you find good images? This session uses an interactive and active approach. Perfect for the short online attention span. Speaker THE FLOOR IS YOURS Target audience o All researchers, from the 1st year of PhD Practical informations o Reference : UDOC0106-1 o Duration: 2 hours o Location : Online