Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

3 Dear PhD-Candidates, dear researchers, Whether you take your first steps in research or you have already been engaged in research activities for some time, in its ongoing effort to better guide you, the Administration Research, Innovation, Support and Entreprises (RISE) of the University of Liège proposes in collaboration with The Council for doctorate and doctoral training (CUFDD) a wide training offer: more than 80 free trainings, in French and in English, organized in Liège, in Gembloux and online, mostly taught by ULiège’s professionals. Its aim: to support you to develop your competencies and boost your career. Our catalogue is divided into 8 training themes: Axe 1 Start your research Axe “Zen-Thesis” Live your thesis with serenity Axe 2 Develop your research Axe 3 Keep your professional project in mind Axe 4 communicate and disseminate your research Axe 5 Ethics and quality in research Axe 6 Open science / Open research Axe 7 Supervision and Leadership in research To guide you through this catalogue and to help you decide upon your training programme, we established a level scale that is corresponding to the different stages of a researcher career established by the European Commission. Some courses are indeed more applicable to the very beginning of your PhD program (Axes 1 and Zen-thesis) while others target PhD-Candidates in their third or fourth year (Axe 3). Some trainings are exclusively tailored for supervisors (Axe 7) while others are open to all researchers (Axes 4, 5 and 6). You will see that the scale indication appears at the top of each training description (see diagram page 5). R0 - Just registered for PhD program R1 – First Stage Researcher (Up to the point of PhD) R2 – Postdoc/Recognised Researcher (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent) R3 – Established Researcher (Researchers who have developed a level of independence) R4 - Leading Researcher (Researchers leading their research area or field) You are a postdoc or researcher Our training sessions are accessible to all researchers of the University of Liège, whether on fixed-term contracts or permanent positions. The formats and timing of the sessions vary (from 1 hour up to 4 days). It will enable you, for example, to discover the value of Open Access for your research or to improve your communication or leadership skills, but also to create links with researchers from other disciplines. You are a doctoral candidate As part of your doctoral training, you can value a dozen credits by performing cross-training activities: coaching Master thesis or (learning) assignments, staying abroad/visiting another research institution, attending seminars... As a reminder, please find attached the framework for doctoral training at ULiège. Feel free to choose courses/sessions that match your needs and your status from this catalogue. For example, Axe 1 (Start your research) is dedicated to doctoral candidates in their first and second PhD years, while Axe 3 (Keeping your professional project in mind) courses/sessions prepares for the post-thesis period. Also remember to register the activities that you have been participating in your MyULiège PhD account and suggest the credits to be valued (Add an activity via the "activities" tab, choose "course" in the "activity type", add the course code "UDOCxxxx" to the "declination code" field). Your supervisor will publish the thesis committee's notice while your Doctoral College will give value to these activities in your doctoral training programme and possibly revise the number of credits associated to each activity.