Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

49 Catalogue des formations transversales 2023-2024 Acquired skills The participant will learn how to plan, to write, to revise, to improve and to submit a proper scientific publication in English as well as to prepare the right graphs and tables. SCIENTIFIC WRITING AND PUBLISHING Goals Why writing scientific research papers? How to conceive and write scientific publications? How to select the appropriate journal? How to write the perfect methods section? How to organize information and ideas? What to put in Introduction and what to put in Discussion? How to prepare a strong review paper? This training aims to answer these questions. Description This three-days training is primarily intended for PhD candidates and junior post-docs. It focuses on scientific writing and scientific publishing in exact sciences, and in (applied) biological and agrobiological sciences in particular. The training consists of lectures and some practical training with many examples, tips and tricks. The following topics are covered: general structure of a paper; preparation of an outline or backbone; arguments and style of a scientific paper; training on structure and lay-out; terminology and (English) language; use of symbols and units; practical aspects of graphs and tables; statistics and data analysis; ending and concluding of a publication; check-list for bibliographic references; review papers. Attendees will be given some practical homework and will be asked for input during the lectures and the training. They are invited to bring an example publication or the idea for their next scientific paper. Speaker Prof. em. Reinhart CEULEMANS, Emeritus professor at University of Antwerp & scientific expert in Czechia and Slovenia Target audience o R1 - Early career scientists in life sciences and technical sciences ; pre- and postdoctoral researchers eager to learn how to write sound scientific publications. o Prerequisite : Sufficient knowledge of English. An active participation of all attendees is required. Participants to the training school are asked to bring (the ideas for) a scientific paper, or tables with results or a graph to the training course for discussion in the group. Practical information o Reference : UDOC0079-1 o Duration : 3 days o Schedule : 2e semestre Avril 2024 o Maximum number of participants : 20