Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

45 Catalogue des formations transversales 2023-2024 Acquired skills Participants will sharpen their understanding of cultural differences and improve their communication skills in order to work and interact efficiently in a changing multicultural to intercultural environment. ZEN-THESIS: INTERACT IN AN INTERCULTURAL SCIENTIFIC CONTEXT Description Doctoral students are required to work in multicultural environments. However, cultural norms and habits are not always easy to grasp. Through group exercises, discussions and sharing of experiences, participants will question the impact of their culture on their behaviour. By actively participating and keeping an open mind, doctoral students will explore ways to communicate effectively with people from other cultures in order to avoid misunderstandings and relationship difficulties. This training will equip participants with the tools to find their place more serenely and to welcome colleagues in a multicultural team. Objectives In this workshop, participants will explore o The concepts of culture, prejudice and stereotype; o The divergence of values, attitudes and norms between cultures; o The basics of intercultural communication and effective verbal and non-verbal communication; o Building bridges in an intercultural context. Speaker Rachel DELCOURT Administration Research, Innovation, Support and Entreprises (RISE) – ULiège Target audience o Target group : R1, PhD students all scientific fields o Prerequisite : English Language – B2 Practical information o Reference : UDOC0117-1 o Duration : 2h30 o Training location : XX Août o Language : English o Maximum number of participants : 20