Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

27 Catalogue des formations transversales 2023-2024 Acquired skills At the end of the course, participants will be able to confidently anticipate the difficulties linked to the responsible, open and efficient management of research data. They will be able to identify issues related to their own research and the tools available at ULiège to address them. Participants will be encouraged to follw up with the training session. ZEN-THESIS – RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT OF RESEARCH DATA Description This training will take participants through the whole research data lifecycle: o Data collection and re-use: what constitutes research data, data planning o Data processing: questionable practice and how to avoid them o Data storage: data security, protection, documentation and preservation o Data sharing and re-use: FAIR and open data, metadata, licenses, repositories, applicable regulations Objectives Research data management has become subject to forces and pressure that sometimes seem contradictory: on the one hand, funders, editors, and institutions encourage to publish plenty of research outputs in the most transparent way, and on the other hand, legal, contractual, ethical or strategic considerations may push towards less openness and transparency. These pressures may lead to unconscious poor habits regarding storage, sharing, documenting, or performing statistics on research data (such as p-hacking or publication biases). This training will cover a wide range of issues on how to navigate these pressures while maintaining integrity and reproducibility as the core commitment. Speaker Judith BIERNAUX Administration Research, Innovation, Support and Entreprises (RISE) – ULiège Target audience o Target group : R1-R3, PhD students, post-docs and PIs, all scientific fields o Prerequisite : English Language – B2 Practical information o Code : UDOC0002 o Duration : 4 hours o Training location : Sart Tilman o Language : English o Maximum number of participants : 25