Catalogue de formations transversales pour les chercheurs

105 Catalogue des formations transversales 2023-2024 Acquired skills After this training, participants will have acquired a good understanding of how to manage open-source licenses and intellectual property related the development of commercial and open-source software. OPEN-SOURCES LICENSES, FROM ZERO TO HERO Speaker Jérémie FAYS Technology Transfer Officer - Engineering Administration Research, Innovation, Support and Entreprises (RISE) – ULiège Target audience o R1-R4 - All PhD students and researchers o Prerequisite: programming experience Practical information o Lecture reference : UDOC0020 o Duration : 3 hours o Location : Sart Tilman o Language : English o Number of participants : 20 Goals Do you want to distribute your software commercially or open source? May you integrate open-source libraries distributed under any type of license? What are the rights of a co-author? Do you need to protect your software? The importance of those questions is often overlooked until it becomes an issue. However, some basic knowledge can help to avoid the common pitfalls and make educated choices early enough in the software development. Description During this training, we will discuss the following topics: o Who owns your software? o How to protect software (copyright, patents…)? o How to manage open-source licenses? (The good, the bad and the ugly)